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As a global leader in the kids' products market we exceed all safety standards, CPSIA, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act standards, as well as California Prop 65 requirements. Our products are latex free, Phthalates-free, Lead-free, Formaldehyde-free and are continuously tested to ensure the safety of our children. Love the hassle-free design of our brand and enjoy the unsurpassed safety.


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Glitz Frogglez® Have Arrived!

May 05, 2016

YES, pink sparkle rhinestones :) Want to show of your inner princess? Here is your chance. Glitz Frogglez® Goggles are the newest addition to our Frogglez® line. Designed to make you stand out from the crowd and sparkle in the sun, Glitz Frogglez® are covered in beautiful rhinestones that will help you conquer water in style! TODAY we are launching Glitz Frogglez® in our store at a reduced introductory price so make sure you order yours before the deal ends.   Buy Glitz Frogglez® Continue Reading →

2016 Swim Goggles For Kids

March 29, 2016

It's finally here - the 2016 swim season for kids! Have you made your swim goggle selection for your little one yet? Swim goggles for kids need to solve several problem: Swim goggles needs to be comfortable They need to be easy to adjust The goggles need to be very water leak resistant 2016 presented a new opportunity for the Frogglez Swim Goggles line - we wanted to not only provide the Worlds most comfortable swim goggles but also the Worlds most functional and leak resistant swim goggles for kids! So, Frogglez goggles are of course comfortable because the patented neoprene strap design glides over hair rather than pull it out, but Frogglez goggles also are incredible water leak-resistant! The... Continue Reading →

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