Our Story...



We believe kids should have a happy, joyful childhood filled with adventure and excitement. This is why we created Frogglez Goggles which help kids conquer water. Everything we make is designed to help kids fearlessly explore their World.


Made By My Dad is a small company run by real people, us!

Frogglez Goggles were created by a dad, me, who was frustrated with swim goggles.

My kids struggled with most swim goggles we tried (and we tried a lot!).

They were a bear to adjust, tight, pulled out hair and always slid down the back of the head resulting in the ears being pushed out like dumbo.

Needless to say putting on swim goggles was stressful and a battle.

Without a comfortable strap you can't have good fitting goggles, and without good fitting goggles you get water into your eyes. It's a catch 22 scenario :)

Frogglez were born out of this frustration.


No pulling hair

No dumbo ears

No painful adjusting

And they float and look cool!


Now, fast forward to today and we have 2 Olympic swimmers endorsing Frogglez and thousands of kids are learning how to swim without futzing with their goggles :)


I know you and your kids will enjoy them as much we do.


Papa Frogglez