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"I am a swim instructor and offer Frogglez to my young students. Most wind up buying them because the kids love the Frogglez. They're easy to put on and don't catch hair. What I've noticed is that once they are on, no adjustments are necessary. Really, for the whole hour of the swim lesson, the kid doesn't fuss with the goggles at all. I highly recommend this product."
- Ellen Kemper

“We love the Frogglez Goggles!! Last summer we took ten children (7 or under) to Atlantis and gave each a pair of Frogglez for the beach. Our time in the water was spent enjoying playing and not adjusting goggles every two minutes. They definitely made our vacation a Hugh success!! Everyone was asking where we got them and we were proud to tell them they were invented in out hometown in Kentucky!”  -T.M. Rigney

“My son loved how you could wear the Frogglez for hours! Typical goggles dig in around the head and can only be worn for short periods of time. Frogglez have a nice soft and thick strap that is comfortable enough to be worn for an entire day at the pool or beach! No more red marks left from too tight straps!” -Mary DeLong

“I purchased this for my 9yr old grandson(he's very small for his age) and they where the best thing. He didn't get the sore ears like he does from the regular googles. I love that you now have an adjustable one.” - Debbie

“Love our Frogglez!  I don't think the two that are wearing them will ever want to wear any others.  Their swim coaches were really happy about them saying "We spend so much time putting goggles back on kids' faces.  These are amazing!"  They wanted to know where we found them, so I shared the address with them. We really appreciate the time you spent engineering this product and bringing it to others.  May your company continue to grow with the kids...maybe an adult line sometime? :) -A. Gillen Zionsville, IN

“I have 3 pair of Frogglezgoggles. My son refused to wear them until I showed him your YouTube video. Now he doesn't leave home without them. The first time he wore them at swim class he tested out of his class mainly because he wasn't stopping to re-adjust his goggles or stopping to get the water out of his eyes. He even seemed more relaxed in the pool with Frogglez than regular goggles. Parents at swim class immediately came up to me saying "excuse me what type of goggles is your son wearing?" I happily explained they were Frogglez. They laughed but wrote the name down. It was apparent they ordered them immediately because the following week their children were sporting Frogglez. If you want your child to be phenomenal in the pool order Frogglez. Once the adult version is available I am going to order them as well.” -Bridgette Patterson

“So far the new goggles we purchased are working well.  My oldest has the adjustable one and hasn't complained.  I like that it adjusts and easy to put on.  It makes things a little faster and smoother when preparing for a lesson. My youngest does not have the adjustable one and has not complained to me; however I have seen him periodically pulling it away from his face and tilting as to empty of water.  He still chooses to use them instead of the regular ones offered at the school.” -Crystal Case

“Amazing fit, no fuss no muss from my little girl with sensory issues. No more tangled hair, no more tears. We love them! I may just buy a pair for myself ;). -Christine Marc

“They are very comfortable and we travel the world with them. Totally love them.

Thank u.” -Shweta Krishnani

“Love that theses goggle don't pull out your hair!  So nice, considering all the rest do.  Wonderful for kids!” -Lunablue99

“Hi,  I'm Annabelle’s Grandma.  I have emailed before.  Annabelle is 5 years old she started taking swim less at the YMCA in Greensburg, PA at age 3.  We have tried several different types of goggles.  Nothing seemed to work,  her hair would always get caught and hurt.  Any way I found the froggle goggles and bought them .  The band was awesome then they started filling up with water.  Every time she came up from under water she had to empty them.  I wrote they need to have a adjustable band.   I see u have came out with it.   Hoping to win the new ones.  So,  Annabelle and I can show everyone at the YMCA the big improvement that was made.  The other mothers, father,  grandparents and in structure loved the band.  Wish me luck.   Thanks Annabelle’s Grandma.” -Susan Parry

“My family LOVES our Frogglez.  We live in south Florida and swim year round.  After trying Frogglez on our son when he was two we knew we could never go back to "regular" goggles.  They are so easy to put on that my son could put them on himself.  My 10 year old likes that they are comfortable and she can put her ponytail through the back.  They are made of quality materials and as an added bonus...they float!   We have thrown away all of our old goggles and have replaced them with 7 pair of Frogglez (we had to have enough for when our kids have friends over).  Thanks for the great product!” -Kristin Malerba

“We love the Frogleez for our granddaughter and she loves them too. Great for underwater exploration in our pool.  We live in Vegas so she uses them for 8 months non stop.  They stay on her head and keep the water out. -Annelle Prefontaine
"I bought into the company when it was in development because the Frogglez looks like a great product. I was right. I have 4 pairs and my grandkids love them. They are ages 4-12 and each puts on their own before they get into the pool. I love the fact that they can put them on and off themselves. No more whining about them being too loose or too tight. No more complaining about water in their eyes. This has been a wonderful summer because of Frogglez. Everyone who sees them wants to buy a pair too. These are well worth the price I paid."
- Diane R Mentzer
"I purchased these for my 5 year old who was constantly breaking the flimsy straps on his cheaper goggles. Not only is he more comfortable with this design, but he is now swimming underwater! This is huge for us! I highly recommend this product!"
- Heather
"My almost 7 year old loves hers, they don't leak and stay on and are comfortable, she is a swimmer and will stay in the pool for hours and these are on the whole time."
Bobby M Griffis Jr.
"My 3 year old daughter does not like getting water in her eyes when she goes to swim class, and does not like traditional goggles, because they are always too tight or too loose and they always pull her hair. She couldn't wait to try these on when we received them and was able to put them on all by herself without any help and most importantly to her without pulling her hair or causing her any pain."
- dailymom
"I bought these for my two year old daughter who has been taking swimming lessons for a year now. The pool water bothered her eyes terribly even with just a fifteen minute lesson. We tried several different kinds of goggles for her but the straps were always difficult to adjust and pulled her hair. She would wear them for maybe one minute before she was ripping them off.
Thank goodness we found Frogglez!! I bought the size small for her and they fit perfectly. No adjustments needed. They slipped easily over her head and did not pull her hair. We had them on quickly and she loved them. They kept the water out of her eyes, the lenses never shifted, and she wore them happily for her entire lesson. Her instructor, who has been teaching swimming for 30 years was so impressed with the Frogglez. I will now be purchasing a larger pair for my son. These goggles are well worth the money. They are comfortable and work perfectly."
- Mary Cooke
"For our trip to Disney I wanted some goggles that did not fall off and fit great.They are the best fitting goggles out there.My 4 year old daughter loves the goggles. She wants to wear the from the time we leave the room to the pool."
- Thomas R.m Partsch Jr.
"These goggles pop right on, and then there's NO fiddling required. The swim instructors spend a big chunk of time repeatedly helping all the other kids with their goggles- but not my Frogglez'd kids! The first time my kids wore them to swim lessons, they caused quite a buzz with all the other parents asking where we got them. My 2 1/2 year old has transformed into a little underwater fish since putting these on. She had a pair of Finis before, but would only tolerate them for 5-10 minutes, and just couldn't figure out why anyone would bother with goggles, even though the pool at swim lessons irritated her eyes. With the Frogglez, she was immediately convinced.
Even though they're a bit more expensive than standard goggles, they are worth every penny. I bought the small for my 2 1/2 year old, and the medium for my 4 1/2 year old, and both fit well with stretchy-ness available to grow. Be sure to notice that they are available with lenses colored to match the strap, or with clear lenses (which I chose). They shipped direct from the company and arrived quickly."
- Alku
"My son loves these goggles he takes them every time he goes swimming with his school. They don't fall off they stay in place and don't pull on your hair easy on, easy off the best goggles for kids."
- Quietstorm
"My daughter has had these for the last 3 swim lessons and we're still getting stopped by other parents and instructors wanting to know where we got them. She never is leaving her lesson to have me adjust them, they don't pull her hair and they don't fog up either. They are the best $25 I've spent in a long time!!"
- Lori N.
"I have a kiddo that loves to swim. She also has tangly, thin hair. Traditional goggles snagged and pulled at her hair and they LEAKED. To keep them from leaking we had to tighten them so they felt almost unbearable. Pool time was basically an exercise in futile goggle adjustment. I ordered these, even though they "seem" expensive, because I just couldn't bear the thought of another day messing with goggles. My fashion-forward 6 year old took one look and declared "No way" because they looked different than what everyone else was wearing. I told her to try them for 30 minutes and if they leaked or pulled her hair I would send them back. She agreed...and 6 hours of pool time later declared that they were the best goggles EVER! She didn't ask me to help her other than the first time she put them on. She took them on and off herself. She said they didn't leak at all and that they didn't tangle in her hair. I remember her other expensive goggles filling up as soon as she went underwater. She loves these dearly. When she misplaced them recently she asked me very seriously to buy her another pair. I bought two extra pair!!! She has even convinced the other kiddos in her swimming class to get them - especially her friend with curly hair. I even tried them on myself and gave feedback that I would love a pair in an adult size for fitness swimming. These goggles ROCK!!!!!"
- SayNoToMomJeans
"I bought these for my 3 and 7 year old sons thinking they were an awesome design for pool and beach time. My 7 year old had troubles in the past not wanting to go under water because other goggles would leak resulting in him failing his swim lessons. We were 2 days into swim lessons and he is underwater like a fish! They are absolutely amazing! I wish they would have been invented sooner so I could have saved money on extra swim lessons :)"
- Brianna K.
"I've got two kiddos with "touching" issues.....just brushing their hair is chaotic. My son used to stand, motionless, at the pool as he watched the fun everyone else was having. I showed him a picture of these and asked him if he wanted to try them because they wouldn't hurt his hair.....BINGO! He is having a blast! Little Sis accepts them, too, which is a miracle in itself!"
- Cindy
"Love things that actually work! My 5 year old granddaughter needed goggles she could put on herself that didn't get water in her eyes or pull her hair. Got a pair for her and her 3 year old brother and they are perfect for both - no water in the eyes, no hair pulling (except by her brother) and they're cute. Their father does triathlons and wanted to know if they make them for adults. I would like some too! A great value and they come with their own carrying case."
- R. R. Belsha
"I recently bought these as a summer gift for my 7 year old nephew. He loves swimming and he said he loves his Frogglez. It is so great that they don't pull his hair, and they stay on securely but they are so easy to take off (and put back on). The floating feature is nice as well.
I look forward to the inventor coming out with adult sizes, as I would like a pair for myself!"
- T. Nicholson
"I was FINALLY cleared yesterday by my doctor to get back in the water with Ethan, so it's been a long time out of the water for us on top of everything else. Right after he turned 3, Ethan was advanced from swim lessons to the actual swim class (technique, etc.) for kids age 5 and up! He's the only 3 year old in the little class and we are so proud of him and his love for swimming. I couldn't wait to be able to get back into things to be able to help him try out his Frogglez, which I am finally able to do. Because his swim class is now an hour long, he often complains about how red and painful his eyes get. As a kid who hates hats, sunglasses and any other type of accessory, he refused to even consider a regular pair of goggles. That said, from the moment we put the Frogglez on him he was in LOVE! It was a game changer for him -- he is happy to dive, swim, etc. for HOURS! Usually until he gets hungry. :) He LOVES his Frogglez and they are so comfortable on his little face. They don't tug his ears or his hair, and it's like he forgets they are there. We are SO EXCITED to send him to his swim class with his Frogglez this weekend so he can continue to do great things!"
- L. Joly

"I can all ready tell these goggles are a hit because the goggles didn’t pull on my daughter’s hair at all. Bella has sensory processing disorder and is sensitive to light sounds etc but I was excited to have her try the Frogglez. The time in the tub and she was having so much fun fishing for her toys in the tub and was excited water didn’t get in her eyes. I am so glad to be writing this review. At first I couldn’t get Bella into the water now I can’t get her out of the water."

Amanda Ripsam


"I was so happy to get to try these comfortable swim goggles. The 3 yr old will be swimming in a few months and these are just perfect for her, they fit her head nicely and she keeps them on and feels comfortable going under the water with them on in the bath tub! Normally she pulls the old goggles off right away. I cannot wait to have her swim with these on in the pool. I am very happy with the quality of these froggles and I love how they do not slip off or pull the hair.  It is so nice that you can put them on most any goggles as well. The colors are cute for kids and I know they will enjoy wearing goggles while swimming. These would make a great gift and a must have for anyone who has kids or grand kids. I recommend Frogglez."

Amy Villeneuve-Jenkins

"We tried out these great googles from Frogglez and we love them! My daughters love to go swimming but I have one that won’t swim unless she has goggles on. All the goggles we have tried seem to break after only a few uses. If you need to adjust them it’s super easy just a velcro strap on the side, you don’t have to worry about it coming out and never going back in the right way. They come in some great colors and my kids love wearing them. They are their favorite goggles!"

Bethany Stout

"Frogglez are very easy to fit a child's head. They did not leak water into the eyes or hurt. It is easy to adjust for a comfortable fit. The space between the eyes is god and does not hurt or mark the nose."

Cassandra McCann

"Frogglez don't sink to the bottom of the pool. They float. The straps have Velcro on them so it makes adjusting a snap. Also, they're very soft and don't pull against the child's head. I'm totally excited about them. They just need to come out with bigger sizes because mom wants a pair!"


"Frogglez went on so quick, the band didn’t get twisted, and more importantly they didn’t get tangled in my daughter’s hair!"

Deanna Robinson

"They are amazing adjustable swim goggles for kids that stay put while the kids are playing in the pool (or bathtub). They are also easily removed as when your kids want to take them off. My kids love their goggles and can’t wait for more pool trips to give them a try."

Elizabeth Carr

"My daughter is 8 and has Williams syndrome and that comes with some pretty severe sensory issues and most of them revolve around her head. So getting her to wear anything is difficult, especially if she doesn't like it. I thought I would give these a spin and see - they are very comfortable to wear and they stretch nicely around the back of the head without being too tight. Plus they stay on WAY better because the band is held by the back of their head."

Erika Messer

"Great invention, something that the market and little swimmers really needed."

Jay Mejia

Frogglez Size Guide
Frogglez Goggles are designed to fit most kids without adjustments.
That being said, there are several variables that affect the fit of goggles.



The head circumference determines the size strap you will want to use as well as if you will want to use any silicone extension rings.

This is how you measure head circumference:

Average head circumference for CHILDREN is 19 - 21.5 inches

Average head circumference for ADULTS is 21.75 - 22.5 inches



The best width of the goggles will be determined by the width of the head and the space between the eyes. This varies dramatically and is the reason why so many different goggles exist on the market. There is not one perfect goggle, only the one that fits your face best. Frogglez come in 2 sizes to accommodate the vast majority of faces and are designed so that you can attach the strap to almost any goggle should you find one that fits your face perfectly.

Most goggles will either leak at the far edges on the side of the face due to being too wide or right next to the bridge of the nose if there is not enough support yet for the sealing edge.

Frogglez are designed to put gentle pressure in the sealing edge of the face where the goggles tend to leak providing a superior fit. This seal is best if no extension rings are used.

Measuring the distance between the temples gives a good estimate on which goggle size will fit best.

SMALL GOGGLES:   4 inches or less


HALF MASK:              4.5+ inches (does not work well without a bridge between eyes)



These innovative rings allow for the increase in size of all Frogglez Goggles! Adding an extension ring is easy and also makes attachment to other goggles simple.

Frogglez Silicone Extension Rings