What Are Frogglez Goggles?




USED and ENDORSED by Olympic Gold Medalist Chris Cook


I am a parent of 3 little kids that now are 11, 9 and 7 years old. I struggled with swim goggles for years trying to find a pair that was comfortabledid not pull hair out or involved a battle to get on. Finally I began making prototypes of what now has evolved into the utility patented Frogglez Goggles. My kids wore prototypes for several years and parents kept asking me where they could get a pair...

Now, the first few prototypes were nothing to write home about - put together with love, sweat and sometimes tears (the kids have been great most of the time :) ), but the final product turned out great! I decided to call the company "Made By My Dad".

Frogglez Goggles are swim goggles made out of neoprene (wetsuit material) with a patented strap design. This design fits 90% of children between the ages of 3 and 12 very comfortably. A easy to use velcro adjustable connection allows for size adjustments.

Frogglez are designed for non-competitive swimmers that simply want a more comfortable, fun and stylish option compared to the archaic, traditional swim goggles.


Please, someone get this young girl some Frogglez! 

 Please, someone get this young girl some Frogglez Goggles :)




Frogglez Goggles

  • made out of neoprene covered in a smooth, comfortable material that glides over hair, not pulling on it like traditional swim goggles do
  • one size fits most with easy quick adjustments
  • strap stays above ears vs. traditional straps that pull ears down
  • printable strap design allows for unlimited style options (retailers can customize with MOQ)
  • Frogglez float, other goggles sink to bottom of pool
  • kids can put them on by themselves without trouble
  • Kid size, clear leak preventing goggle design 
  • TPE hypoallergenic material
  • Extensively tested to be safe for kids
  • Patent Design
  • Protected by Trademarks

Frogglez Goggles are a complete redesign of traditional swim goggles. Testing over the last few years by real kids has proven that Frogglez Goggles are a hit. Parents consistently asked me where they could get a pair (their kids bugged them to get some as well).

Frogglez Goggles will continue to evolve and grow with more designs, shapes and options being offered over time, as well as other Frogglez branded merchandize :)


Please explore our website, watch a few videos and check back for fun updates and additions!



Frogglez Size Guide
Frogglez Goggles are designed to fit most kids without adjustments.
That being said, there are several variables that affect the fit of goggles.



The head circumference determines the size strap you will want to use as well as if you will want to use any silicone extension rings.

This is how you measure head circumference:

Average head circumference for CHILDREN is 19 - 21.5 inches

Average head circumference for ADULTS is 21.75 - 22.5 inches



The best width of the goggles will be determined by the width of the head and the space between the eyes. This varies dramatically and is the reason why so many different goggles exist on the market. There is not one perfect goggle, only the one that fits your face best. Frogglez come in 2 sizes to accommodate the vast majority of faces and are designed so that you can attach the strap to almost any goggle should you find one that fits your face perfectly.

Most goggles will either leak at the far edges on the side of the face due to being too wide or right next to the bridge of the nose if there is not enough support yet for the sealing edge.

Frogglez are designed to put gentle pressure in the sealing edge of the face where the goggles tend to leak providing a superior fit. This seal is best if no extension rings are used.

Measuring the distance between the temples gives a good estimate on which goggle size will fit best.

SMALL GOGGLES:   4 inches or less


HALF MASK:              4.5+ inches (does not work well without a bridge between eyes)



These innovative rings allow for the increase in size of all Frogglez Goggles! Adding an extension ring is easy and also makes attachment to other goggles simple.

Frogglez Silicone Extension Rings