Frogglez® Universal Adjustable Strap


Strap: 19-21.5 inches head circumference

Suggested Age: 4-10 yrs 

Click here for our sizing guide 



Please use your swim goggles of choice and quickly connect to strap 

Comfortable Swim Goggle STRAPS for Kids  years and older (up to 23 inch diameter head size, larger with Ring Attachment - even ADULTS!)

COMPATIBLE with: Swim goggles that have a loop at the sides

NOT Compatible With: Select swim goggles that do not have a small loop on the sides


  • Patented soft and comfortable neoprene strap design that does not pull hair
  • Easy Velcro® size adjustments
  • Removable comfort strap can be attached to your goggles of choice
  • Frogglez® float
  • Kids can put them on by themselves
  • Fun colors


  • Adjustable Universal Strap attaches to most swimming goggles in the market
  • SAFE: Frogglez® are independently tested to be Lead-free, Phthalates-free and Formaldehyde-free
  • Edge stitching to maximize the life of the Frogglez® strap
  • Quality Velcro® attachment for size adjustments

Frogglez® Goggles are endorsed by swim instructors around the world for their comfort and ease of use:

“Frogglez are great for my young swim students because they stay in place, won’t tangle hair and keep out the water.” - Ellen Kemper of Mertail Fitness LLC

Frogglez® eliminate the hassles associated with traditional swimming goggles allowing kids to focus on swimming and having fun.


ATTACHMENT: Frogglez® Universal Adjustable Straps attach to most swimming goggles in the market. Attaching the strap is quick and simple. Once connected the quality Velcro® attachment allows for quick size adjustments.

*Designed for recreational swimmers

Frogglez® - the comfortable choice in the swim goggle market

Get Some Frogglez® TODAY so that your kids can enjoy their pool experience!


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