Frogglez® +

UDT - Underwater Demolition Team Edition
After many requests we finally are able to bring you the LARGER Frogglez Strap you have been asking for!
CONTENT: Frogglez UDT Strap, Silicone Extension Ring, White Silicone Swimming Goggles
  • UDT - Underwater Demolition Team edition for the adventurous soul
  • Wider, longer strap to fit heads above 20 inches in diameter and up to 23 inches comfortably(Youth and Adults)
  • Stronger Velcro attachment for more strength and the ability to attach to half and full masks
  • Silicone Extension Ring to allow size adjustments and attachment to most goggles
  • Soft and Gentle on hair 
  • Less Water Leakage due to secure fit of goggles
  • White Silicone goggles


The Frogglez UDT strap has been tested with many goggles and masks and is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. We even are testing it for Speed Skating and Jet Skiing! Use our amazing silicone goggles or attach your own!



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